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Become a Star Skate Coach

Star Skate Coach

WELCOME and thank you for your participation in the Star Skate Learn to Roller Skate Program. The Star Skate program is an easy way to begin a skater’s journey toward competitive skating in all different facets of roller skating. Once the foundation of roller skating has been set following Star Skate Basics program -  the sky’s the limit on your skater's development.  The Star Skate program has continuing education for entry-level figure, speed, and hockey skills. Star Skate can be utilized in an interclub event, class programs, and youth sports facilities.  If you are already a USA Roller Sports coach, this program is free to join.  Simply contact the national office for your password to the coach's store for all of the Star Skate materials.





USA Roller Sports Coaching Essentials


Membership is open to anyone who would like to utilize the Star Skate Learn to Skate program.  Even if you are already a USA Roller Sports member, you  need to be registered to have access to the Star Skate programs.

The apprentice coach must be a minimum of 16 years old and be a member of USA Roller Sports as a competitor or as a Star Skate instructor. This program will encourage the youth of the sports to be involved in the growth of their selected sports and help them share their love of roller skating to a new generation of skaters. The head instructor will mentor the apprentice coach by overseeing their progress and guide them in how to instruct new skaters. 

Marketing Materials

USA Roller Sports is proud to offer marketing support for your new Star Skate program! There are several items that will help grow your program and your revenue through the program. You will have access to download the printable materials to customize with your logo. If you have a local printer you work with, this is a great opportunity to solicit sponsorship for your program; for example, the printer provides complimentary or discounted printing in exchange for their logo on all of the materials. You can also purchase preprinted materials through the main office that are generic or that can be customized. We would be glad to customize the materials with your logo and keep it as simple as possible for you.


In order to utilize the Star Skate program your facility must be a chartered location with USA Roller Sports and have certified instructors.  Facilities may be a skating center, dek hockey rink, basketball, tennis court, or warehouse.  If you care unsure if your facility qualifies for a charter, please contact USA Roller Sports directly.

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