Welcome Parents...

to the wonderful world of wheels!  As you saw on the homepage, USA Roller Sports offers a variety of different sports on wheels.  Learning a new sport can be scary and frustrating for both parents and skaters.  Below are some helpful hints to help you navigate the beginner skate classes. 


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Useful tips

Arrive early 

Please be aware of the start time for your skater's class.  Allow enough time to get acclimated to new the new surroundings and get their skates on. It is very stressful for new skaters to rush into a facility and be late for class.

Lace up

Skate should fit snug. They should feel like they are giving the skater's toes a hug.  Start by tightening the laces up at the toes.  You should not be able to put your fingers under the laces.  Have your child wear socks that go above their skates.

Be supportive

There are going to be falls.  There also may be frustration learning a new skill.  Let your skater know that all new skaters will have the same feelings from time to time.  It is all part of learning a new sport.

Benefits of becoming a Star Skate member 


As your skater progresses through the Star Skate levels, they will be rewarded with pins and certificates with each level mastered.  


You are starting your skater onto a path of health and exercise that will set them on a direction that they can follow for life.

Many skaters continue skating well into their adulthood.

USA Roller Sports

By enrolling in the Star Skate program, your skater is now part of the USA Roller Sports family.

When your child is ready and willing, they will be able to upgrade their membership and start competing.


The cost to enroll your skater in the Star Skate program is only $15. Please click on one of the boxes below to enroll your child. You will also be able to purchase Star Skate apparel

Join the Star Skate program now

There are 2 memberships offered thru this program.  The youth membership is for skaters 17 and under. The adult membership is for skaters 18 and older.

Membership is only $15.

Please click on the correct box below.  

The Anatomy of a Skate

Interested in dressing your skater like a Star...then

check out our 

Future Stars

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