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Benefits of Roller Skating

  • Roller skating is an activity that the entire family can enjoy year round.

  • Skating can be learned at any age.

  • Roller skating can be done indoors and outdoors.

  • Improves gross motor skills which helps with balance and coordination.

  • Roller skating is an aerobic exercise that is also zero impact on joints.

circle of roller skating friends embracing

Click on one of the photos below to discover the difference between the sports offered thru USA Roller Sports

for the stars

Basic skating skills learned with the Star Skate program create the foundation for speed skating, roller hockey, extreme skating, roller derby, and figure skating...Reach for the Stars!

roller skate 

Roller skating lessons are also life lessons.  With each fall, learning to get up teaches skaters the determination and drive that will stay with each skater for life.

usa roller sports

USA Roller Sports is the national governing body for all roller sports here in the US.

"The only limits are what you set for yourself.  Reach for the Stars with USA Roller Sports Star Skate programs."


Roller Sports



Meet some of USA Roller Sports World Champions.  These skaters have trained tremendously hard and reached for the stars.  Now they have reaped the benefits from their years of tireless conditioning and sacrifice to earn the title of World Champion.

Are you ready to join our skating family?  Check out the ones who have.

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